Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Useful videos and movie recommendations on the topic

Video about international migration - what does it mean? 

Where does migration take place and its effects

Movie suggestion - Illegal

Movie suggestion: Special Flight

Movie suggestion: Color of the Ocean

The Price of Sex (about human trafficking)

When We Leave (about forced migration because of home violance)


Saturday, July 6, 2013

DAY 8 - planning follow-up activities, future cooperation, learning reflection (filling Youthpass) and feedback

Today was the last day.  We started the day with energizer game (people need to reach the person in front and when the person looks back- Jelena, all must freeze).

The facilitators divided us( whole group)  into small groups and we discussed about:  “Future developing ideas”.  It was a good topic to all of us. We received more information about the challenges and opportunities for it.

Everything was normally, and after our deserved lunch we made some energizer game ( Growling dog)…
We rested with this game- we received new strength and continued with the remaining activities.

Than we had Follow- up discussion  about  future activities in each country.  It was interesting to see how the participants tried to put the theory into practice. We heard about many useful things and we hoped than some of them will become real.

After that we posted our ideas about new projects in the wall. Than we developed some new program in small groups.
Last activity was our feedback activity, when we had to summarized our experiences and opinions about the seminar.

In total we spend fantastic 8 day in Estonia. It was amazing to meet so many new people from all over Europe. We got a lot of information about the topic of migration and we learned from each other too.

We appreciated the work of the facilitators & organizers! We hope that we will meet with each other somewhere again. J 

Day 7 - study trip to Narva, meeting migration officer, getting to know local reality, media impact on migration

At the Migration Survailance Officer (Diana & Aida)

On the border of Estonia- Russia in Narva (Aida)

How was the day? (Anna, Imola & Federica) 

The monastery of Pühtitsa in Kuremäe

The castle Ivangorod on the Russian shore of river Narva.

Discussion about the article about regional migration on the bus.

In the centre of Narva on the Peter square.

The castle Narva on the Estonian shore of river Narva.
- Jaan, Alessia, Irene

Thursday, July 4, 2013

DAY 6 - Mobility Opportunities in EU, Erasmus + presentation, Swapping Cultures & migration games

Today the blog team is: Ewa (Italy), Sandra (Latvia), Maria (Estonia) and Víctor (Spain).

The day started with getting to know different European opportunities in order to work or study abroad. Lot of us have heard, for example, about Erasmus, but not a lot of youngsters know about Leonardo, Europe for Citizens, etc. We also gained more knowledge about EVS.

That was also the day when officer from the Estonian National Agency, Anna Kuzina, came over. She was talking about opportunities, risks and possibilities. The most important thing was the new program called Erasmus+. She explained the differences between programmes and projects in Youth in Action. The participants seemed to be really interested and had a lot of questions.

After that we had a swapping culture game. We learned about the cultural defferences and similarities. We identified ways of future cooperation.

In afternoon we were searching for migration oriented games from the internet and we had to share the links on our common Facebook group:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 5 - what are our organizations doing in migration & mobility field now (sharing) and world cafe, trip to Kohtla-Nõmme mine and Saka Cliff

Day 5 - 03.07.2013

Blog members from this day are: Aida (Romania),  Ana (Spain), Trayan (Bulgaria) and Dorka (Hungary).

The first part of the day was very interesting. In the first group activity we were divided in teams with members from our country and we wrote about our official sending organizations and the connections of the organization with migration and mobility topics.

Spanish team:

Hungarian Team

Italian Team

Estonian Team

Latvian Team

Bulgarian Team

Romanian Team

Greek Team explaining:

The next activity took place in the "Action Cafe" where we had the opportunity to discuss in groups different topics related to migration, such as:
"What is your experience relating migrations?"
"What is the effect of media on migration ? How does media effects the image of immigrants?"
" How should immigrants be included in the society? What can we (personal) do for them?"
"Which are the main issues of immigration? What is the situation in your country?"



After lunch we went on a trip and we had the opportunity to visit to Kohtla Jarve mining park. We learned about the mine and we had a train ride at the end :)

Next destination: the sea in Saka Cliff. We saw the Gulf of Finland , had a group picture, saw the Kortsimae Cliff (part of Saka Cliff), took a walk on the beach, and some brave people even took a bath :)

We ended the trip with a special dinner in a nice restaurant, in a beautiful location called Maidla very close to Kivioli.

Impressions from project participants:

Francesc:  It was the first time I visit a real mine. We have been made familiar with the way mine workers used to work there and the fascinating machines that they utilized.

Imola: The trip was very interesting and I really liked the walk on the beach and the Baltic Sea. I liked the fact that we had a lot of free time, a lovely weather and a really delicious dinner.

Ewa: I found myself as a new situation as a moderator of the discussion about ”New issues regarding migration”. During the activity Action café I received new information about the law in Hungary.

Diana: Fifth day was very important for me because I had the chance to learn about other organizations. The second part of the day was interesting for me because I could see different parts of Estonia such as the Baltic sea and a mine.

Dorka: I liked the activity Acton café, because it was different from the other activities. I learned about programs and organizations that could be of interest for me in future. The visit to the mine was useful, but it was really cold inside.

Ana: Day 5 was my favorite day. I learned more about the effect of media on migration and which are the main issues of immigrations. I also loved the trip to the beach and the mine.

Aida:  The whole day was very fun. The first part of the day and the discussion at Äction Café were very useful and interesting. I wanted to visit the beach from Estonia, so the trip to the Baltic Sea and the Saka Cliff was great.

Trayan: During the Action Café that took place on the fifth day one of the most interesting things I learned refers to  the reality about media and migration in different countries. We visited an Estonian mine near the Russian border and made many unique pictures. At the end of the day we had dinner in a nice restaurant and I also learned some phrases in Hungarian.

We had a birthday celebration today. Opinion from the birthday boy:

Petar: The day started with some interesting game- Action Café. We visited the “Mine” and it was so different thing to do. The dinner finished with one of the best Tavern I have been. It was the best day. Congratulation for the organizators… :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Exploring the positive and negative effects of migration on country of origin/destination, exploring personal consequences of migration and sharing migration situation in participating countries

Day 4. 02.07

Today we had some different activities and funny energizers like “Kiss the Bunny”.

We outlined the pros and cons of migration in both the origin and destination countries.

We were divided into our national teams to highlight migration issues in our countries. This helped participants to gain more awareness of the current migration situation.

Some of us went to the top of near hill and took some photos of Kivioli town.

In the night we had an amazing intercultural evening during which Estonia, Latvia, Italy and Greece were presented.  However, that wasn’t all. We continued our night by celebrating Peter’s birthday.